How to tell if a hair extension is real hair

How to tell if a hair extension is real hair

100% real hair extension has the characteristics of dyeing, perming and repeatable styling. Generally, 100% real hair is more suitable for customers who have high requirements for extensions hair, and real hair is not easy to knot, and it will last for a long time. Of course, the price is very expensive. The following three This method teaches you how to identify whether the hair extension is 100% real hair?

1. Take one or two hairs at random and burn them with fire. The hair will turn into small black balls when exposed to fire. When you rub it lightly with your hands, it will turn into powder, and it has a smell of burnt protein. When the fibers are exposed to fire, they will turn into hard balls, which cannot be rubbed apart, and have a smell of burnt nylon.

2. The maximum temperature of the heat-resistant wire is 180-200 degrees. You can choose a strand of hair with a straight clip or a rolling rod, and heat it at 220 degrees Celsius to straighten or bend it. If there is scorch, there is a heat-resistant wire, and there is no scorch. It's real hair.

3. There is a layer of scales on the top layer of real hair, which is a bit like fish scales. When you touch it along the way, it is very smooth, but when you touch it in reverse, it doesn't feel very smooth. Very professional way to distinguish real hair extensions.